sudarshan & surabhi khanna at NCERT International Art Celebration Week , 29 may 2015 (1)
Prof. Sudarshan Khanna and Surabhi Khanna speaking at “International Art Celebration Week” organized by dept. of Education in Art & Aesthetics at NCERT in May 2015. The title of their talk was ” Design for Stimulating Holistic Education & Inclusive Development”

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Design Educator Professor Sudarshan Khanna , was Principal Designer, Chairman of Education & Research and Head of Toy Innovation Centre at the National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, India. An internationally acclaimed designer and educator, he has helped establish several new courses and programs, including the Post Graduate Program in Toy & Game Design.  He has been associated with the National Institute of Design for 35+ years.

Prof. Sudarshan Khanna was the Ravi J Matthai Chair for design and education innovations at National Institute of Design, India.He has been Education Development Consultant with Learn Today, the education wing of India Today group.

Sudarshan Khanna is a pioneer in the research of interesting facets of indigenous toys and crafts communities all over India.

He was conferred 1996 National Award for his life time work for design-science among children by Department of Science and Technology. He is recipient of international BRIO Award 2013 for his lifelong contribution for research and innovation for toy design and development in India.


Prof. Sudarshan Khanna is the past president of ITRA (International Toy Research Association) and founder Chairperson of “Toys for Tomorrow”- vision-action international forum.

Author of three books (Joy of Making Indian Toys , Dynamic Folk Toys, Toys & Tales with everyday material) and many articles on toy design, culture and creative education, he featured in many educational TV programs.

He has been invited as an expert conduct workshops in India and other countries in Europe, South America, Scandanavia, for teachers, trainers & students, relating value of design methods and creativity as part of innovative learning process. Since 2011, his daughter designer-educator, architect Surabhi Khanna ( co-conducts workshops with him. They have been invited together by institutions and organizations in Colombia (South America), Denmark, Thailand and India. They currently reside in Delhi.

Play Barranquilla or Juega Barranquilla 21-27 april 2014, colombia,  (1) low res

A Happy Week in a Happy Nation!!We were invited Social & early education management of the office of Mayor Elsa Noguera of Barranquilla city, Colombia, South America from 21-27 april 2014 for “Juega Barranquilla” (Play Barranquilla) conference to conduct workshops and reflect on their social and early education program, an innovative and unique initiative involving people at the grassroot level for child development and education. We conducted design & education workshops for large number of teachers and children. It was quite an experience to spend an active week with people of the happy nation.