Courses & Projects

Nature & Design

Many interesting toy concepts have been developed in this course by Prof. Sudarshan Khanna. Specific forms from nature are studied by the students and specific features are explored for new, creative design applications. Toys are developed and tested for their value of communication relating to the knowledge of nature, creative and systematic design applications through fun and creativity.

System Design

This is a major design project developed by Prof. Sudarshan Khanna for product design ad toy design students. The emphasis is on the product, community and socio-cultural relationship. Students have been encouraged to work in the area of developing “learning resources for school children”, “interactive devices and design for special needs of children”. Most of the selected design concepts are developed into working prototypes Several of these projects are carried out with the co-operation of industry and institutions.

PowerPoint Presentation

Craft Study & Documentation

This course developed by Prof. Sudarshan Khanna is a practical field study and documentation of various crafts and craft making communities of India. Students work at the specific selected craft cluster for about 2 weeks and study and document the different aspects of the craft design and the community.Sometime input is also given for new range of design in consultation with the master craftsmen and product promotion groups. Today, we have a few hundreds of manuscripts, documents covering most of heritage as well as emerging crafts in India. Almost all of the folk and tradition based toys and toy making communities have been studied and illustrated documents prepared.